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Luxury Suites in Corinth,
upon Lecheo Beach


Ancient Corinth: Within just a 10 minute drive from the hotel lies the settlement of Ancient Corinth with its well-known archaeological site, the famous castle and the impressive monument of the archaic temple of Apollo, the ancient route Lecheou, the Odium as well as the remains of the Theatre. The site as well as the archeological museum are easily accessible. Do not miss a visit to the impressive castle of Akrokorinthos, the biggest one in Peloponnese!
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Ancient Nemea: The archaeological site of Ancient Nemea is about a 20 minute drive from ENALIO. There you can observe from near distance the Temple of Zeus and the ancient stadium where the ancient “Nemea” games where held. In the museum you can admire, among other things, the treasure of Aidonia.
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Archeological Site of Isthmia: This site is in Kyra Vrisi village within a 15 minutes drive from Enalio suites. At the site one is able to visit the remains of the Temple of Poseidon as well as the Archeological museum.
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Ancient Diolcos: This engineering achievement of the ancient Greeks allowed the transfer of the ships above the shore to cover the shortest distance between the Corinthian and Saronic Gulf, of the Ionian and Aegean Seas. It was a paved runway with a width from 3.4 of the ships on-shore. This was a paved route spread across a width among 3.4 to 6 meters, upon which a wheeled vehicle carried the ship. Nowadays, a great part of it can be admired.
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Archeological site of Iraio & Vouliagmeni Lake: Lying on a marvelous location of natural beauty, the Iraio archeological site is situated right on the cape of Iraio offering a beautiful sea view as well. The remains of the temple of Hera are fully visible here as so are a number of other buildings and facilities of the era. The archaeological site is practically washed by the sea waves, whilst the picturesque little cove located there, is ideal for swimming and sunbathing in the crystal clear waters of the Corinthian Gulf. The lighthouse that stands on the edge of the cape, is the ideal spot for watching the view and the sunset. On your way to the cape you will pass through the Vouliagmeni Lagoon, a beautiful, natural sea-lake with turquoise waters.
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Wineries: Corinth is famous for its vineyards, grapes and wines since ancient times. All around the greater area of Corinth, you can see the vineyards and visit local wineries as well. Located just a 20 minute drive away from ENALIO, Nemea is a well-known place for its vineyards. We suggest you to visit Lafkiotis Winery, where the owners will guide you around the winery, show you the wine making process and treat you the local Aghiorghitiko red wine. During the first days of autumn, the Great Days of Nemea event take place, where the harvest is celebrated and all wineries open their doors to the public offering wine and local delicacies. Do not forget to buy the wines you like directly from the producers!
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Corinth Canal: The canal was drilled in the late 19th century and is a very important construction achievement. The Corinth canal connects the Saronic Gulf with the Corinth Gulf allowing thus vessels to avoid the circumnavigation of the whole Peloponnese region. The canal is a construction of impressive dimensions, with a length of more than 6 km and a width of about 25 meters. The view from the bridge overlooking the canal is breathtaking! Along the two sides of the canal there are two very submersible bridges worth seeing.

Mountainous Corinth: The mountainous Corinth is a hidden treasure of the greater Corinthian area. The picturesque village Trikala of Corinth, the Zireia mountain with the Sports Park, the magnificent alpine lake “Doksa” at Feneo village and the mythical Stymfalia Lake where Hercules completed one of his quest, compose a significant must-visit in Corinthian surrounding area.


Mycenae: One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the home of the Mycenaean civilization which is less than half an hour drive from ENALIO. The Lion Gate, the Mycenaean tombs, the palace complex and the Cyclopean walls are the most well-known sights in this very significant archaeological site. In the museum you can also see a copy of the stunning 'Mask of Agamemnon' (the original is presented at the National Archaeological Museum) and many other important exhibits.
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Epidavros – Asclepion: Epidavros is world famous for its ancient theater with unique acoustics. Indeed, the ancient theater of Epidavros is an architectural masterpiece, located in an archaeological site of very high importance. Asclepion is considered as the birthplace of medicine. There are many important monuments to be seen around the Asclepion, such as the Dome, the Avaton, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the stadium and other. Every summer, the world-renowned festival takes place in the ancient Epidavros Theater, with theater performances that include and ancient drama and comedy. The experience of attending an event in the ancient theater of Epidavros, is staggering leaving you a long-lasting memory of this beautiful area.
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Nafplio: Nafplio was the first capital of Greece. The old town remains unchanged its traditional character which makes it one of the most picturesque cities of the Greek mainland. Castle Acronafplia and Palamidi travel vsitors back to time and offer spectacular sea view as well. Bourtzi is a little island-fortress constructed by the Venetians located right in front of Nafplio old port.

Activities: Guests of Enalio hotel have the chance to try various activities.
- Bungee jumping at the Corinth Canal: Corinth Canal is one of the top 5 places in the world for bungee jumping. Try your adrenaline rush in a sensational location!
- Diving: Explore the deep blue of the Corinthian Gulf and feel the magic of the undersea world.
- Crossing Corinth Canal with a little boat: Ask us to book for you a boat trip for crossing the Canal of Corinth to look closely to this unique engineering achievement.
- Casino Visit the well-known casino of Loutraki for entertainment and to try your luck!
- Thermal Baths: Relax and enjoy the beneficial properties of the thermal waters of Loutraki which gives being hundreds of years. The brand new and fully equipped spas of the municipality await to welcome you!

Athens: Athens is approximately an hour away from ENALIO and is accessible by train, bus or car. The bustling capital of Greece has many highly important archaeological sites, world-class museums, cultural events etc. The suburban railway is connected to the Metro network and offers fast, convenient and affordable access to the city. A trip to Athens should include a tour of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, a visit to the amazing new Acropolis museum, strolls through the picturesque streets of Plaka and other significant points of interest.
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Nightlife: Just a few meters away from the ENALIO you will find the wonderful beach bar “I ‘ m going Bananas”. After a 5 minute drive you can be at the Vrahati beach resort famous for its entertainment and capital of the county as well. Also, Loutraki Town(15 minutes away) and Xilokastro Town, provide with many cafes and bars as well.

- Arcadia Region: Mountain villages untouched by time, rivers, mountains, lush greenery await you in Arcadia, just an hour's drive away from ENALIO. The Temple of Apollo, is a very impressive monument which is definitely worth a visit.

- Ilia: The archaeological site of ancient Olympia with the stadium where the first Olympic games were ever held (776 B.C), is one of the most significant archaeological points of interest in Greece.

- Messinia Region: Messinia is becoming an increasingly important place of tourist interest. Kalamata, the capital of the prefecture is a vibrant city, with beautiful coastline and numerous dining and entertainment options. The Messinian Mani area, -Koroni and Methoni-, with their castles, Pylos, the waterfalls of Neda, Polylimnio and the important archeological site of Messini, compose a very interesting visit in the area.

Achaia Region: The historic mountainous town of Kalavrita is just half an hour away from ENALIO and is definitely worth a visit. In its surrounding area you can visit the Grand Cave, Saint Lavra and the Cave of the Lakes and also cross the Vouraikos Canyon, the historical cog-style railway, and if there is enough snow on Kalavrita Ski Center, you can also enjoy spring skiingm, overlooking the sea from high altitude!

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